Lolo buns or Fijian coconut buns

Lolo buns or Fijian coconut buns


Delicious, slightly sweet but very soft buns totally melt in mouth 

You all know I love baking my own breads. Every time I buy a bread from outside I feel guilty ,they taste like chalkboard and make me feel bloated. So thanks to these cardboard bread brands that I push myself each time and learn to bake something new in my kitchen most of the times out of need but also to eat organic and healthy , at least I know what’s going in our bellies.

So last evening we ordered pav from a nearby shop to be consumed with our delicious bhaji .They turned out chewy and spoiled all the pav bhaji fun.So as soon as I finished dinner I sat down searching for some reference recipe to make pav to bake first thing in the morning . At the same time I wanted to contribute towards a contest #vilayatidawat by few of my instagram friends . I stumbled upon some lovely lolo bun pictures which is a Fijian bun baked with coconut milk . They are slightly sweetened very soft buns made with enriched dough. You can totally avoid the sweet coconut milk to get simple pav .

Here’s the recipe

It makes 12 small buns

1 cup warm milk not hot or it will kill yeast

2 tsp sugar

2 -1/4 tsp dry yeast ( I used bakers yeast from CCDS BAKERS)

make sure yeast is fresh

mix every thing in a stand mixers bowl and keep aside for five minutes for the yeast to activate .

Now add   3 cups of all purpose flour ( makes sure it’s sieved so it is airy)

Add 1/2 tsp salt

now switch on the stand mixer and run at medium speed so everything comes together.

(Not to worry stand mixer is just for lazy people so you can always make a well in between the flour

pile add the yeast mixture and slowly combine everything and start kneading .)

Add 1/4 cup of coconut milk to bring everything together .You can very well add 1/4 cup milk in place of coconut milk .

Add 15 gms milk powder

Add 1-1/2 tbsp of soft butter

If you are using the stand mixer it will take around 5 minutes for the dough to come together like a ball  And by hand may be a little longer.

you might find the dough a little sticky initially stop your urge to add more flour . Keep kneading it will come together butter will help it.

now cover it and keep aside around two hours or more till it’s doubled in size.

Punch the dough again and cut in equal size proportion . Roll and make smooth balls . Place it in a greased container keeping little space for them to rise.
keep aside for 20-30 min . They will swell up .

Make a mixture of 3 tbsp of coconut cream and  2 tsp sugar . Pour over the buns just to cover them . ( (You can make a little extra to dip the buns in later it’s delicious )

you can totally avoid this step if you want to make plane buns  , bu I won’t cz I am making lolo buns

Bake  in a preheated oven at 180 c for around 15 min . It should be light brown on top.

Cool them and brush some melted butter on top. Then cover with a damp clean kitchen towel for 5 min .

Managed to finished this post while waiting for a delayed aircraft and I am so happy this has been a productive delay. Just kidding  😊 I will be glad if you make these easy buns and share how you liked the recipe .


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